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27 Best Sorry For Love Text Messages

Looking best sorry for love text messages? Here are some of the best 27 sorry-for-love text messages. Published by Quotes OF Quote.
sorry for love text messages
Sorry for love text messages

Looking best sorry for love text messages? Here are some of the best sorry-for-love text messages.

1.“A simple apology could fix a friendship that shouldn’t have ended in the first place. Don’t let your ego stop you from doing what’s right.”

2. “I can’t express my feelings except to say; I’m really sorry.”

3. “I am sorry – if you accept my apology we can move on from being angry and get on to being naughty.”

4. “Regret, heartbreak, and sadness have stolen my life’s happiness. I am sorry for letting you down, but I promise to erase your frowns.”

5. “I’m not perfect, I make mistakes, I hurt people. But when I say sorry, I mean it.”

6. “By asking forgiveness your not going to become bigger or smaller in value but the person who forgives you has a very big heart”

7. “I want you back. I’m sorry. I should have never let you go. Am I too late?”

8. “I said “I love you” and I meant it. But I hurt you, now “I’m sorry” and I mean it.”

9. “My heart has been leaking and bleeding since the day I hurt you. Please plug the holes with your forgiveness. I am sorry.”

10. “I took for granted, all our smiles, laughs and memories. I promise I’ll never do it again because they mean the world to me. I am sorry.”

11. “You can say sorry in over 1000 ways. Only when it comes from the heart, does it matter?”

12. “Give me a chance to show you that I can be of something worth to you, let me show you.”

13. “Fools say sorry wise men will prove they are sorry.”

14. “Saying sorry to the person you love and not mean it is a waste of time you may as well just leave her.”

15. “Sometimes the best way to say “I’m sorry” doesn’t involve words.”

16. “With a bruised heart and a deflated ego, with a sad soul and a head hung low. I apologize to you unconditionally, baby I am really very sorry. I love you.”

17. “You know you’re not sorry if you cheated you’re just sorry you got caught.”

18. “If you wanna love someone, then make sure ur never gonna have to say “sorry””

19. “Let me tell you that I did not like a single bit of what I did now that I had reflected on it.”

20. “Smart people always say sorry, while the stupid ones just wait for the smart one to say sorry.”

21. “Please excuse all my actions, please forgive the wrongs that I had done to you, dear you.”

22. “Apologizing for what you feel is like apologizing for being real.”

23. “There is a pain here in my heart ever since you have stopped talking to me, I’m sorry.”

24. “I’m sorry for being so annoying and demanding, for the things that I did the wrong way.”

25. “If losing you is my punishment for the things I did wrong, I would rather die than see that.”

26. “I hope you give me another chance to prove myself to you and show you I love you.”

27. “I have learned that sometimes SORRY is not enough. You actually have to change yourself.”