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70+ Best Joe Biden Quotes

Looking for some memorable quotes of Joe Biden? Here are some famous quotes by Joe Biden. Check it out now...
Joe biden quotes
Joe Biden

Looking for some memorable quotes of Joe Biden? here are some famous quotes by Joe Biden.

73 Famous Quotes by Joe Biden

1. I didn't play soccer; I played that other football in grade school through college.Joe Biden
2. I ran for the Senate six times. And one of the things I know about Senate races off years and on races, and on years, the same as governor's races, is it's all local. It all gets down to what the specific issues in that - in that district or that state is.Joe Biden
3. The Chinese have figured out that they have a giant environmental problem. Folks in Beijing, some days, literally can't breathe. Over a million Chinese die prematurely every year because of air pollution.Joe Biden
4. If I don't run for president, we'll all be OK.Joe Biden
5. I don't say very much I don't really think through. I know that sounds inconsistent with Joe Biden.Joe Biden
6. Our future cannot depend on the government alone. The ultimate solutions lie in the attitudes and the actions of the American people.Joe Biden
7. You are twice as likely to be struck by lightning as you around to be affected by a terrorist event in the United States.Joe Biden
8. It's presumptuous to say you know how somebody feels.Joe Biden
9. Al Qaeda is almost all in Pakistan, and Pakistan has nuclear weapons. And yet for every dollar we're spending in Pakistan, we're spending $30 in Afghanistan. Does that make strategic sense?Joe Biden
10. No matter how you cut it, this real debate on personal accounts is about the legitimacy of Social Security; it's not about the solvency of Social Security.Joe Biden
11. I consider myself to be as informed on American foreign policy as anyone in America.Joe Biden
12. You're president, if you conclude my judgment is not the right judgment, I abide by that, but I want an opportunity to have an input.Joe Biden
13. There's a lot of revisionist history that goes on these days about Iraq.Joe Biden
14. No nation should stoke instability in its neighbor's country.Joe Biden
15. The United States supports a strong, united Ukraine with productive and peaceful relationships with both the East and the West, with both Russia and Europe.Joe Biden
16. In this world, emotion has become suspect - the accepted style is smooth, antiseptic and passionless.Joe Biden
17. In the 21st century, the countries that thrive will be the ones where citizens know their voices will be heard because the institutions are transparent.Joe Biden
18. No fundamental social change occurs merely because government acts. It's because civil society, the conscience of a country, begins to rise up and demand - demand - demand change.Joe Biden
19. You've got to reach a hand of friendship across the aisle and across philosophies in this country.Joe Biden
20. Other than being crazy enough to press a button, there is nothing that Putin can do militarily to fundamentally alter American interests.Joe Biden
21. I can die a happy man never having been president of the United States of America. But it doesn't mean I won't run.Joe Biden
22. Hillary Clinton is as qualified or more qualified than I am to be Vice President of the United States of America. Let's get that straight. She's a truly close personal friend. She is qualified to be President of the United States of America. She's easily qualified to be Vice President of the United States of America.Joe Biden
23. My recollection is - and I'd have to confirm this - but I don't recall paying any money to go to law school.Joe Biden
24. I consider myself to be as informed on American foreign policy as anyone in America.Joe Biden
25. When my first semester grades came out, my mom and dad told me I wouldn't be playing football.Joe Biden
26. Most liberals think of civil liberties as their Achilles heel. It isn't.Joe Biden
27. Except for the title 'father,' there is no title, including 'vice president,' that I am more proud to wear than that of United States senator.Joe Biden
28. The greatest gift is the ability to forget - to forget the bad things and focus on the good.Joe Biden
29. The American people have not become heartless.Joe Biden
30. My dad always said, 'Champ, the measure of a man is not how often he is knocked down, but how quickly he gets up.'Joe Biden
31. Now, people when I say that look at me and say, 'What are you talking about, Joe? You're telling me we have to go spend money to keep from going bankrupt?'. The answer is yes, that's what I'm telling you.Joe Biden
32. I have no doubt that Russia will and should remain a major source of energy supplies for Europe and the world.Joe Biden
33. America doesn't have health insurance.Joe Biden
34. I know I'm not supposed to like muscle cars, but I like muscle cars.Joe Biden
35. Social Security's not the hard one to solve. Medicare, that is the gorilla in the room, and you've got to put all of it on the table.Joe Biden
36. Quite frankly, Russian aggression in Ukraine and its illegal occupation of Crimea remind us that we still have a good deal more work to do to guarantee the strategic vision of a Europe whole, free and at peace.Joe Biden
37. The 21st century is going to be the American century. Because we lead not only by the example of our power, but by the power of our example. That is the history of the journey of America.Joe Biden
38. Let me tell you what I literally told every world leader I've met with, and I've met them all: It's never, never, never been a good bet to bet against America. We have the finest fighting force in the world.Joe Biden
39. Given a fair shot, given a fair chance, Americans have never, ever, ever, ever let their country down. Never. Never. Ordinary people like us. Who do extraordinary things.Joe Biden
40. It is my view that we cannot conduct foreign policy at the extremes.Joe Biden
41. We must rekindle the fire of idealism in our society.Joe Biden
42. I love that Cadillac ATS!Joe Biden
43. There's one advantage in having been around as long as I have. Everybody in the Senate knows me, and - I'm going to say something presumptuous, to repeat myself - I think most respect me.Joe Biden
44. Folks, you're the reason that the automobile industry is back. Whether it was the wage freezes, the plant closures, folks, you sacrificed to keep your companies open. Because of your productivity, the combined auto companies have committed to invest another $23 billion in expansion in America.Joe Biden
45. I used to say to my late wife, 'I have great faith in the American people.'Joe Biden
46. Presumptuous for me to say, but at least - at a minimum - I've been able to influence the direction of the Democratic Party on foreign policy. And I've been relatively - presumptuous to say - relatively successful legislatively in the Senate, being able to win a lot of Republican friends, and being able to cross the aisle.Joe Biden
47. I have a really close relationship with Mike Bloomberg.Joe Biden
48. As a matter of fact, I didn't make a political speech outside of my state for 20 years.Joe Biden
49. The American people are so much stronger, so much more resolved than any enemy can fully understand.Joe Biden
50. You know we're going to control the insurance companies.Joe Biden
51. When we wrote the Constitution, the intention was to give the commander in chief the authority how to use the forces when you authorize him to be able to use the forces.Joe Biden
52. The devastating punch we took on September 11th still reverberates throughout American society.Joe Biden
53. Arafat's departure has created an awesome opportunity.Joe Biden
54. The Recovery Act is working, but it's going to continue to work. It's not over. A lot's going to happen this summer. And even after the summer, there's more to come with the act.Joe Biden
55. I exaggerate when I'm angry, but I've never gone around telling people things that aren't true about me.Joe Biden
56. My dad used to have an expression - 'It is the lucky person who gets up in the morning, puts both feet on the floor, knows what they are about to do, and thinks it still matters.'Joe Biden
57. On the way back from Mumbai to go meet with President Xi in China, I stopped in Singapore to meet with a guy named Lee Kuan Yew, who most foreign policy experts around the world say is the wisest man in the Orient.Joe Biden
58. Fighting corruption is not just good governance. It's self-defense. It's patriotism.Joe Biden
59. El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras have all agreed to send additional consular officers from Guatemala, from Honduras, from El Salvador, send them to the U.S. border so that we can more quickly and humanely identify unaccompanied children and process their individual removal.Joe Biden
60. Two million felons have tried to buy a gun and, because of the background check, have been denied.Joe Biden
61. Corruption is a cancer: a cancer that eats away at a citizen's faith in democracy, diminishes the instinct for innovation and creativity; already-tight national budgets, crowding out important national investments. It wastes the talent of entire generations. It scares away investments and jobs.Joe Biden
62. Corruption is just another form of tyranny.Joe Biden
63. If you're in a confined aircraft; when one person sneezes, it goes all the way through the aircraft.Joe Biden
64. Don't hold against me that I don't own - that I don't own a single stock or bond. Don't hold it - I have no savings accounts.Joe Biden
65. I support immediate financial assistance to the newly elected Palestinian president. Now, I don't know what those numbers will be, and I don't know how it's going to be framed.Joe Biden
66. If you need more than 10 rounds to hunt, and some argue they hunt with that many rounds, you shouldn't be hunting. If you can't get the deer in 3 shots, you shouldn't be hunting. You are an embarrassment.Joe Biden
67. You get a lawyer whether you're in a military tribunal or whether you're in a federal court, number one. The attorney general decided that the court with the biggest - with the greatest venue, with the best jurisdiction was the New York court. That was the right decision to make.Joe Biden
68. You are twice as likely to be struck by lightning as you around to be affected by a terrorist event in the United States.Joe Biden
69. It is no secret that I believe my son, Attorney General Beau Biden would make a great United States Senator - just as I believe he has been a great Attorney General. But Beau has made it clear from the moment he entered public life, that any office he sought, he would earn on his own.Joe Biden
70. I'm not big on flak jackets and tie-dyed shirts. You know, that's not me.Joe Biden
71. We don't want two-tier people in America. Those who are legal but not citizens, and citizens.Joe Biden
72. You're looking at a middle-class guy. I am who I am.Joe Biden
73. There's only one person in this race who will be there, who's always been there for you, and that's Hillary Clinton's life story.Joe Biden

Photo Credit: Adam Schultz/WikiMedia