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Best Dating Tips (Introvert)

The best dating tips for introverts are all about an honest approach to finding love. Here are some great ideas to help you.
Best Dating Tips (Introvert)
Best Dating Tips

The dating world for introverts can be a hard one. The energy required to maintain a conversation is often draining, and you may feel as though you are losing yourself in the process. However, if you have learned how to be an introvert in a romantic relationship, it can actually make dating easier for both of you!

1. Start with friends

With the best dating tips for introverts, you won’t be afraid to make friends- or at least acquaintances. Find out what other introverts do in their time outside of work and what they enjoy doing for fun to make conversations go smoothly. Because love starts with friendship, and there is no denying that.

2. When dating an introvert, don’t talk over these periods of silence

To have a productive conversation with an introvert, give them time to process what you're saying and think about the right answer. Ignore awkward pauses in the conversation because they can be uncomfortable at first- though these conversations will get better over time.

3. Don’t rush

If you are an introvert, all you want is someone to acknowledge your personality and reality of an introvert. On the first date, all you have to do is share what it is like being introverted with your date. It will ease any social pressure to be someone else for this interaction. A sincere person won't judge you no matter who you are or if they are compatible. With that awareness on many levels, you will be free to explore and find yourself in a way only an intro

4. Learn how to read body language to communicate

Sometimes introverted dating tips can be hard to read due to stalled verbal communication. Use non-verbal cues that the person is displaying in order to determine what is actually going on. Without talking, you might find it difficult to sense whether the introvert is reflecting or not on something new. Some furrowed brows may show reflection, while some crossed arms might indicate conflict brewing.

5. Avoid changing who you are

The best dating tips for introverts is to simply be you. In order to dating successfully, do not change your personality or how you dress, uncomfortable clothes will only make you more conscious.

6. Learn to coerce without forcing

What are the best Dating Tips for Introverts? If you find yourself interested in someone introverted, do not pressurize them. Allow them to speak up when they need guidance and support without judging them. You should take into consideration that they bottle things up.

In order for introverts to feel safe around you, you might have to remind them that this is their “safe space” and they’ll start telling you important things. You can even ask them what they think would make the relationship work and assure them it is safe and comfortable

7. Forget about the social stigma

Meeting someone who's complementary to your personality type can provide many benefits, not the least of which is emotional stability. Meeting someone who possesses qualities opposite to ours helps make sure we feel fulfilled.

8. Trust Your Gut on your Perfect Match

Too often, introverts use their anxiety as an excuse to avoid social engagements. Remember, your worst-case scenario isn’t always as bad as it first seems.

9. Choose a venue that's familiar

How do you decide where to take your date on the first date? Consider your comfort levels by meeting them somewhere quiet with activities that are of more interest to you.

10. Get out there and do something interactive.

If you are worried about awkward lulls in the conversation, opt for an activity that gives you plenty to discuss, like taking a walk through a busy neighborhood (better yet, with a dog), discussing an art exhibit, or taking a brewery tour.

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