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Types of Attraction: The 5 Types Human Attraction

Types of Attraction is a comprehensive guide to understanding human attraction. It covers the five main types of attraction, work etc.
types of attraction
Types of Attraction

What is the attraction?

Attraction can be as simple as a feeling of interest, desire, or even liking someone. Additionally, it doesn’t have to be just one type of attraction – there are plenty that run the gamut from emotional to sexual. When you think about the word "attraction," you might be picturing sex. In America especially, sexual attraction is pretty much all anyone talks about. There are some main types of attraction:

1. Sensual Attraction

Sensual Attraction

It sounds a lot like physical attraction, but this can be a desire to get physical with someone even if it’s not sexual. It can also refer to receiving touch that isn’t necessarily sexual in kind. This can include holding hands, cuddling, kissing, smooching and spooning (verb: to close around and protect with a curved part of the body).

2. Sexual Attraction

Sexual Attraction

Sexual Attraction is the desire to have a sexual relationship or do sexual things with a specific person. Sexual activities are typically defined by having some genital touch for intimacy.

Lust: Lust is an intense feeling of passion, drive, affection or attraction for someone.

3. Romantic Attraction

Romantic Attraction

When people are attracted to each other, they experience certain feelings and engage in specific behaviors. This could range from anything like dating, getting married or having a relationship with them. It could also involve things like sharing or spending time together.

4. Physical attraction

Physical attraction

Physical refers to the desire for tactile contact or to receive physical closeness between people - not always in a romantic or sexual way, but in any kind of personal relationship also known as Intimacy.

5. Aesthetic attraction

Aesthetic attraction

Aesthetic attraction is a purely visual thing. I can look at someone and admire their features without wanting to have a serious relationship or sexual contact with them. You find someone of the same sex to be beautiful, just like you find artwork or scenery beautiful.

Since sexual attraction usually accompanies love, it can be tough to differentiate between the two if you don't have any experience or are feeling really emotional. Aesthetic attraction can exist separately from other attractions, so thinking someone is aesthetically pleasing doesn't always mean you want to do anything with them.

Other types of attraction:

  • Love the deep, heartfelt connection that is created by two people who find themselves deeply in love with one another. It's a feeling that only comes around once in a lifetime, but it will stay with you for your entire existence.

  • Protective attachment to those who require care, such as children, animals, or loved ones.

  • Intellectual attraction isn’t always based on physical attraction and is closely linked with a desire to connect with someone because they seem interesting. People will pursue a connection in order to feel a sense of belonging in a community that is part of their intellectual values.


Attraction is an extremely important part of any relationship. It leads to the formation of relationships and bonds between people who otherwise wouldn’t have interacted, which can be both good and bad. Thanks for reading Types of Attraction.

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